Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Group-The Great Staff Creates Great Enterprise

Strategic Management

(1). On the system of intergration strategy. in the vertical intergration strategy, through effective industry outspreading of forward intergration and backward intergration, we have become a large-scale intergration of industrial chain in the industrial structure ; in the horizontal intergration strategy, through the purchase, merger,unity and other ways , we have achieved the goal of industrial expansion.

(2). On the system of concentric diversification strategy , the concentric diversification strategy, which has helped a number of transformations for enterprise, and made each industry orgnization is growing steady in the strong competition. the centrifugal diversification strategy ,which has established the balance of cash flow or obtained high profit growth in finance;

(3). On the system of intensive growth strategy, we carried out strategy of market penetration, market development and product development.

(4). On the advantages of stability strategy, contraction strategy, cost leading strategy, it has made our enterprise occupying the market position against competitors, and acheieving the product sales with product differentiation and customer diversification.