Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Group-The Great Staff Creates Great Enterprise

Dalishen Development History

In 1995, established the first company -- Danyang Zhengguang Industry Co. Ltd;

In 1999, Zhengguang Industry Co. Ltd officially renamed the Jiangsu Yatai Optical Co. Ltd;

In 2003, established Jiangsu Donglian Optical Co. Ltd;

In 2003, established Dalishen Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd;

In 2007, established Jiangsu Dalishen Science & Technology Co. Ltd.;

In 2008, established Jiangsu Dahu Chemical Science and Technology Co. Ltd;

In 2010, established Dalishen Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd;

In 1999, the output of UV optical glass blank ( refractive index:1.523) were accounted about 60% of the global total output,

    then we took more and more advantages in the industry competition.;

In 2003, the annual output of 1million meters pile mold were began production ,which developed the first step about

    cross-sectoral development.;

In 2005, at the beginning of this year, we began to enter the iron and steel industry about cold-rolled coils.;

In 2006, the project of 0.4 million tons of cold-rolled plate was put into production on April 28th. The architecture of

    Dalishen group had been completed;

In 2009, the first project of 0.6 million tons of galvanized steel coils and 0.3 million tons of color-coated coils were put into

    production on June 3rd . Then Dalishen industry chain had been improved and developed into a period of rapid


In 2010, an annual output of 0.8 million tons of silicon steel (electrical steel ) began into production. Then the Dalishen

    Science and Technology Group entered a period of rapid development.;

In 2010, the project base of an annual output of 0.15 millio tons of aerospace materials with ultra high strength and

    toughness and annual output of 0.1 million tons of aluminum foil with the radiation construction. The Dalishen

    group have made a big step on cross-sectoral development and created one and another successful

    transformations .;